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This and That: Links to Other Articles Of Interest

August 9, 2009

The Internet’s a big place. Believe it or not, there are other places beside this blog where you can find useful content. In today’s entry, we’ll link to a few of them. They aren’t specifically about writing, but they’re definitely of use to writers.

6 Tips to Keep a Mentor — Writing is a solitary act. Getting better at it and getting published requires help. In this blog post, Monica O’Brien gives you suggestions about how to get and keep a mentor. For unpublished authors like me, the sage advice of a seasoned veteran would be a wonderful guide. (I’ll even pick up your dry cleaning and get you a Coke.)

Laid-Off Worker Lands a Book Deal and Parties Across America — There are as many stories to tell as people to tell them. When Michael Guerriero got laid off from his job at a pharmaceutical company, he used his severance pay to cross the country eight times looking for the nation’s best parties. The result has gotten him a book deal and appearance on CNN, which called him the “nation’s leading authority on good times.”

Why the B&N Store Isn’t Competition for Amazon — Barnes and Nobles’ entry into the e-book market was supposed to be good news for those who worried at the monopoly-like status Amazon enjoys. But this article shows that the new competitor’s proprietary format is only slightly more flexible than Amazon’s proprietary format. (Why someone doesn’t make a PDF e-reader is beyond me.)

Cellphone Novelist Guest Blogs — If you haven’t heard about cell phone novels, read up. They’ve taken Japan by storm and they’re gaining a foothold here, particularly in younger demographics. In this article, cell phone novelist Matthew Reeves describes the genre. You’ll be shocked about halfway through the posts when he says how old he is.

Got any tidbits to share? The floor is yours!

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