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August 11, 2009

Me and the family are vacationing this week, doing the tourist thing around Washington, DC. It being vacation, there’s a little more time for reading–I’m spending a lot less time getting this one to baseball and that one to swimming and working for the man every night and day.

So, when I picked books, I picked books from authors I know because of their blog. Murderati is a must-read blog for mystery writers and fans of the genre. Of the 13 writers who post there regularly, I’ve heard of one–Tess Gerritsen.

So I went to the library looking to find something by any of the authors there and found two: JT Ellison and Zoe Sharp. I read their work and enjoyed it. So I got more. And when that ran out, this morning, I got myself to Borders and bought two more books: another by JT Ellison and one by PJ Parrish, one-half of which (Kris Montee), I met and spoke with at a writers conference last year.

So in this case, blogging has helped at least two authors gain at least one fan. And with this post, I am recommending both the blog and the work. Zoe Sharp’s Charlie Fox is a bad-ass who’s trying to figure out whether she’s a killer who puts herself in situation where she need to kill or a protector who has no other choice. She’s not a fan of children, but in the two books I read, she became bewitched by them.

JT Ellison’s Taylor Jackson is a tough, self-reliant, self-made woman who walked away from her parents’ largess to become a cop and is doing a good job at it. Her stories feature ample twists and turns, as well as an intriguing relationship between Taylor and an FBI profiler. On their supposed wedding day, she gets kidnapped, stripped to her skivvies, and tied to a chair. (Does she make it to the altar? Get the books and find out.)

The point is, I wouldn’t have found either author if not for their work blogging. So if you’re building a reader base, a blog–one of your own or one you share with other authors–can help you build readership.

On Friday morning, October 23, Chris Hamilton (me) and Mary Ann De Stefano will cover Social Media for Authors, including blogging. For more information and to register, see the Florida Writers Association website.


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