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Part-time writers rock. This means you (maybe)!

February 27, 2012

So here’s a typical day:

  • You get up early and do something that passes for exercise before walking your kid to the bus stop.
  • The bus is late today–of all days–so you roll into work 45 minutes later than planned. The bus was only 15 minutes late, but that extra 15 adds 30 to the actual commute.
  • You were planning on maybe squeezing in a little writing at lunch, but your 45 minute delay took care of that plan. You’re lucky to get your stuff microwaved and choke it down before your one o’clock meeting…
  • …which goes poorly and nets you an hour-long discussion in your boss’s office about how to better anticipate when a key stakeholder is going to choose your meeting to turn hostile.

  • You leave half an hour late, causing crankiness at home about dinner, which winds up being Subway because that’s all there’s time for because…
  • …there’s baseball tonight. And swimming. And a mandatory parent meeting for the swimming booster club, which you became a member of the second your child joined the team.
  • And you get a glare from your son because the baseball coach gave him crap for getting their late, which wouldn’t have happened if the miscreant at Subway could make change for a $20 in less than a lunar year.

By 9:30 you’re home and the desire to write is pretty much gone. Maybe tomorrow. But you do it anyway, only for half an hour because you have to get up early to keep up with tomorrow’s tsumani.

For a lot of people, this is the hardest part of writing, balancing the job, the kids, the budget, and everything else and still wringing out enough time to get something done. It’s not something Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, or Stephenie Meyer have to manage.

To be clear, this isn’t for the person with kids and a job who plays on Facebook for an hour when he really should be writing. It’s for the person whose passion for the craft leads them to squeeze it in on days like the one just described–even if you don’t manage it every single time.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to you–the part-time, do your best to get something done writer. Sometimes just sitting at the keyboard and churning out 500 words at the end of the day is a bigger accomplishment than someone else writing 5,000 words.


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