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The people who make the magic happen

April 8, 2012

Magic happens at every Florida Writers conference when FWA members find their agents, meet their publishers, and get the scoop on the industry. So what better theme for this year’s event than “The Magic of the Pen”? Ah, we wish we could wave a magic wand and make the conference come together instantly; the fact is, our magic comes from hard work and lots of support.

The 2012 Florida Writers Conference, which will be held October 19-21 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, promises to be our most stimulating and “magical” conferences yet. A whole contingent of folks is working to make it the best conference in Florida:

  1. Faculty. The faculty, which is selected from among the industry’s movers and shakers, delivers a balance and range of workshops, pitch sessions, and interview opportunities.
  2. Sponsors, donors, and advertisers. This group defrays your costs, provides needed services, and helps to make the conference fun as well as productive.
  3. FWA volunteers. Our volunteers work year round to make each conference better than the last.

We’ll be featuring faculty and sponsors in future posts. For now, we want to thank some of the volunteers who make The Magic of the Pen possible. Below is a list of committee chairpersons and point people, complete with contact information. Feel free to contact them if you have a question or suggestion. If you have any problems, you can always shoot an email to Marketing:

Steering Committee.

Chrissy Jackson, Conference Director;

Chrissy Jackson

Chris Hamilton, Project Manager

Chris Hamilton


Susan Berry, Chair

Susan Berry


Bitten Twice, Chair

Bitten Twice

Chris Coward, Chair

Chris Coward


A.J. Robinson, Chair

AJ Robinson and his boss JoAnn

Book Signings.

Bob Hart, point person

Bob Hart


Mary Lois Sanders, Chair

Mary Lois Sanders

Silent Auction.

Susan Boyd, Chair

Susan Boyd


Frank Ridge, Chair

Frank Ridge


Jim Thompson, Chair

Jim Thompson

RPLA Questions.

Chris McKenna, point person

Chris McKenna


Karen Lieb, Chair

Karen Lieb

FWF Celebrity Workshop.

Chrissy Jackson, Chair

Chrissy Jackson

If you talk to any of the volunteers, please thank them for their service. And if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the Florida Writers Conference even more magical, please comment on this blog or shoot any of us an email.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What can we do to make the Florida Writers Conference magical for you?


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