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If it’s Free, it’s for YOU (if you register before July 31)

May 13, 2012

(Written by conference marketing chair Chris Coward)

Recently I discovered an article, purportedly based on a study by Yale University, listing fourteen words guaranteed to draw readers to your books, articles, blog posts, promotions, and Tweets. Words proven to get results. Words to use at work—and with those you love. Easy words about new ideas. Words that tap into our desires for, oh, money, savings, health, safety, and … um, sex.

Hmmm. I dug some more. Some folks said the study was bogus, but interestingly, few argued with the list itself. So what the heck. I tried it. In the paragraph above, I incorporated thirteen of the fourteen “power” words. Can you spot them? (They’re listed at the end of this post.)

One word, however, I omitted, and it ranks thirteenth. That word is FREE, as in FREE gift for you.

Take this to the bank. FWA is offering a FREE gift to everyone who registers online for the full 2012 Florida Writers Conference before July 31.

It’s a good gift, too: an audio-recording of one of the most popular workshops at the 2011 conference. The workshop, presented by Chantelle Aimée Osman, not only covers the fundamentals of formatting a screenplay but also maximizing marketing potential, including tips that apply to all genres. Chantelle is an attorney, former development head for production companies in Hollywood, award-winning mystery writer, and good friend of FWA (not to mention, gorgeous and charming). Check out her company, A Twist of Karma Entertainment.

Chantelle Osman. Gorgeous.

Chantelle’s workshop gives a preview of the quality of what’s in store for 2012. Check FWA’s conference page for details. Then register online and click the link on your Order Confirmation email for your FREE download. Problems? Contact

As for Yale’s purported fourteen most persuasive words, here they are: you, money, save, new, results, easy, health, safety, love, discovery, proven, guaranteed, FREE, and sex.

Do you agree with this list? Do you—consciously or unconsciously—use these words in your promotions? What words would you add? What words would you remove? Let us know in your comments.


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