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Exercise Wednesday: What Scares You? (Part II)

May 16, 2012

In our last thrilling writing exercise, we wrote something about the things that scare us. Not the snakes or bugs or the idea that idiot kid down the block, the one who once rode his bike off the roof, would someday get a driver’s license.

I mean the real stuff. The fears like abandonment, or having people think you’re stupid. The fear of having people find out that you’ve been faking it for decades and you really don’t have your crap together. The trust issues–the crap you’ve been carrying around since someone did something to you when you were a kid.

Those scary things.

Last week’s exercise was to write something about those fears for 25 minutes. It’s healthy to do that. It’ll help with closure–and I take all major healthcare plans.

This week’s exercise is the obvious follow-up. Give your emotional mess to one of your characters. It doesn’t have to be a major character. It could be a secondary character–to explain the irrational thing she did that got your protagonist in such hot water in the first place. But figure out someone in your work who’s exactly as messed up as you are–and use the fear you wrote about last week to motivate him.

Time limit: 25 minutes.


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