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Exercise Wednesday: Pets

May 23, 2012

I used to have a beautiful hand-knitted afghan that kept me warm through the coldest of upstate New York winters. It was solid–no holes, just a bunch of yarn knitted together in a really cool pattern. My grandmother made it for me and I took it to community college, real college, Virginia, Arizona, Chicago, and Florida. It was one of my most cherished possession–until the dog ate a massive hole in the middle of it.

The dog also destroyed a couple baseball caps–the officially branded kind have the MLB logo on the back and cost way more than anyone should really pay for a baseball cap.

Then again, this is the same dog that wrote kill in the door of my closet. Maybe he’s trying to send me a message.

Pets can be a tremendous source of comfort or frustration, and how your character deals with them illuminates them, and adds dimension to their personality. It can be a dog, a cat, or a less conventional pet like a bunny or a rat or an iguana.

Today’s exercise gives your protagonist a pet. But not in a way that’s happy and warm. The pet is thrust upon them and they must figure out what that means in terms of their life.

Time limit: 25 minutes


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