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Industry News: NOLA newspaper drops to thrice a week, author publishes Twitter novel, Amazon bans spam

May 26, 2012

New Orleans Times-Picayune To Publish Three Times a Week

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has published a daily newspaper for 175 years. That will end this fall when it shifts its attention to online news and cuts its staff, on its way to publishing a physical newspaper just three times a week. The paper has formed the NOLA Media Group, which will oversee publishing of the paper, as well as content for its website The move will result in unspecified staffing cuts and leave New Orleans as the largest city in the country without a daily newspaper. Advance Publications, which owns the Times-Picayune is also taking the same approach with newspapers in Huntsville, Mobile, and Birmingham, Alabama. Although the Times-Picayune is considered a successful newspaper, its readership is down 49% since 2005.

Writer to publish entire novel in Twitter

Science fiction writer Jennifer Egan has announced she will publish an entire novel on Twitter. The experiment started Thursday night and continues for three nights. Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, which makes publishing and reading an entire novel a bit challenging. Egan has also published a short story in list format and a novel called A Visit from a Goon Squad as a PowerPoint presentation. The latter won a Pulitzer Prize. The novel is called Black Box and is a series of dispatches from spy in the future. Hey, could this be the next FWA collection?

Amazon bans spam books from Kindle Store

It’s not a new idea–getting free content, or content you buy a license to duplicate and sell as your own. The technical term is spam and it litters the Kindle Store and other online locations. And Amazon has finally put a stop to the practice. Content that is freely available on the Internet and for which the “author” is not the copyright holder is no longer acceptable in the Kindle Store. Kindle has made this move before, but may be more serious about it this time, as the content is finding its way into its Kindle Lending Library service, available as part of the Kindle Select program, which is not free.

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