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Putting your money where your writing future is

May 28, 2012

This blog, as much fun and wonder as it is, is a marketing tool for the Florida Writers Association and its Conference, to be held this October 19-21 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary in sunny Florida (it’s a great conference; you should definitely go). We believe there’s great value in the conference–but we need to pay for it all, so we charge admission to attend.

There are a lot of free, valuable tools you can find to help you as a writer–from various critique groups to this high-quality blog. But at some point, you’re gonna have to stick a crowbar in your wallet and part with a little cash now and again if you want to succeed.

And that’s the place I find myself now. I have to primary personal goals in life right now. I want to reach a specific level of fitness and I want to become a published author.

I can work out without spending any additional money. I have the DVDs and the weights and I can do the routines as many times as I want without any additional cash outlay. But without something to aim for, it gets stale after a while. There’s a five-mile mud run in early June (a little more than a month away as I write this…far less by the time you read it).

And there’s a writing marathon with the lovely and talented Jamie Morris coming up. The writing part gets stale from time to time, too. A day with others, practicing our craft, comparing notes and making friends is a great form of positive re-enforcement.

Unfortunately, neither of these things are free. Jamie’s sessions have varying prices and the mud run is $75. Fortunately, right now I have enough play money to do both. But my pockets will probably be empty from now until then. I pick both, but with those picks, I forego any other mud runs, writing marathons, or pretty much anything else for a few months.

Being a successful writer is about talent and drive, but it’s also about choices. How do you spend your time? Do you screw around on Facebook (guilty) or do you write and revise? Do you go out to eat a couple times a week or do you use that money for a writing marathon?

There’s no right answer to this question, but it’s something you have to ask. How you spend your money, like how you spend your time, will tell about priorities. And at the end of the day, you have to balance them, just like you balance your time, for the greatest ultimate payoff.

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  1. Ron permalink
    May 28, 2012 7:27 am

    Thanks for the updated focus; One of my quotes that some days seems to get forgotten “A dream, that becomes the work of the moment, makes it the future”

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