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Where people hear about what they’re reading

July 5, 2012

Where did you hear about the book you’re reading?

It’s an innocuous question, very innocent sounding. Brings to mind visions of sitting at your kids’ activities talking about nothing in particular, when someone starts talking about a book they like. Or Facebook. Or that social thing you do with the people at church.

Nathan Bransford asked this question on his blog recently, and if you’re trying to market your book, the answers are a treasure trove of useful content.

Among the answers: Goodreads, Amazon reviews, recommendations from friends, recommendations from people on the Internet, blogs, and newspaper reviews. My employer has an internal social media tool–a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn. Someone posted a question about the best book you’ve ever read. There were plenty of recommendations there, as well.

If you’re marketing your book–or getting ready to market it–each answer is a possibility for you. The way people hear about other authors’ books could be the way they hear about your book. (Okay, the New York Times review and the interview on CNN probably aren’t realistic…unless somehow they are.)

Marketing is a pain in the posterior. It’s like sitting on a cactus with no clothes on, and wiggling around a lot. There aren’t, it seems, any hard and fast rules, which means you have to figure a lot out yourself. On the other hand, there aren’t, it seems, any hard and fast rules, which means you get to figure it out yourself.

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  1. L. Dean Murphy permalink
    July 7, 2012 4:38 pm

    Chris: There are other review venues. At there is a link to submit advanced copies for review consideration. For members of International Thriller Writers only, ITW’s monthly online The Big Thrill has interview/thumbnail review features for new releases. There’s a special section for debut novelists. Details are at Or anyone can contact me through where examples of reviews and interviews from these publications can be seen. Write on!

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