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Learn about the business side of writing

July 30, 2012

Finally! A writers conference entirely focused on the “business” of writing and not the “craft” of writing. Thanks to the efforts of book coach Peggy DeKay (Self Publishing For Virgins),  writers now have an annual conference to attend where they can learn about valuable, timely and relevant topics like self-publishing, book marketing, building your author platform, fair use, Facebook Timeline, copyrights, blogging, podcasting, editing, marketing your book overseas, KDP Select, book launches, tweeting and book trailers with specific sessions on children’s book marketing and promotion – all in one place – all in two days!

Where: August 11th and 12th in Louisville, KY, at the Business of Writing International Summit.

Andrea Garner

The Summit features 26 sessions, 26 exhibitors, speakers from 4 states and 2 countries! Keynote Speaker Andrea Gardner is coming from Glasgow, Scotland to speak at the Summit. Andrea produced the powerful, heart-warming You Tube video: The Power of Words which has garnered over 14 million views. The video is less than 2 minutes long but powerfully delivers the message: Change Your Words, Change Your World. Andrea’s April, 2012 book release of Change Your Words, Change Your World is already a best-seller in Europe. Andrea speaks both days at this unique writers conference.

The event website:  has extensive details about the Summit including session descriptions, speaker bio’s and the session schedule. This is a multi-track event and 3 different sessions will be occurring simultaneously. The session schedule will help an attendee plan their day by reviewing their choices for each hour.

A 6 hour self-publishing workshop will be offered on Friday, August 10th, 2012. This workshop is led by Peggy DeKay, author of Self Publishing For Virgins. Dekay is an adjunct instructor at 3 different universities, teaching courses on self publishing, eBooks and book marketing and promotion.


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