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Seven ways to take a blog vacation without missing a day

August 9, 2012

If you blog regularly, you go through peaks and valleys. Sometimes the ideas are so thick, you have to brush them away like mosquitoes. When you sit down at the keyboard, it’s like God Himself is making your fingers move to create something He’d like to read.

And then reality sets in. Sometimes the creative process becomes stopped up like you might if you ate 26 pounds of cheese.

You’d like to take a vacation, but there’s that old axiom about updating your blog on a regular basis. Without content, readers will find another place to go.

What’s a blogger to do? Here are some creative ideas for taking a vacation without really taking a vacation.

  1. When the muse strikes, blog ahead. If you can get a dozen or so posts ahead, that’s almost two weeks of down time–or more, depending on your frequency. Of course, if your blog is timely, you may have problems with this approach. Timeless topics–like writing–are a little easier.
  2. Run classic posts. In television, this is called “reruns.” But marketing is party of blogging, so you can run classic posts or most popular posts. If your blog’s been around for a while, you can reach way back, to the beginning. As a television network once said, “If you haven’t seen it before, it’s new to you.”
  3. Find a guest blogger. The Uni-Watch blog’s primary author takes a month every summer to recharge, but the blog keeps going because he has a fill-in.
  4. Swap blogs with someone. Sometimes even writing something different, about a different topic, can revitalize you.
  5. Stop blogging on weekends. If you go seven days a week, you can maybe cut out the weekends for the summer.
  6. Write blog posts that point to other content of interest to your readers. (This may actually be more work than original content if lots of research is required.)
  7. If you’re taking a vacation that’s related to your blog material, blog pictures of your vacation. People love vacation picture.

I blogged ahead this summer and was able to take a fairly substantial amount of time off. Other than the weekend posts on industry news, this is the first post I’ve written in probably three weeks. It felt good not to have to feed the blog every day. It also feels get to get back to it.


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