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Meet the Faculty: Julie Ann Howell

August 13, 2012

Julie Ann Howell, Publisher, Peppertree Press

Julie Ann Howell lives in Sarasota, Florida with her family. Her passion for words came at an early age and with that passion she has been planting literary seeds all over the globe. She is the founder/publisher of the fee based book publishing company, The Peppertree Press, and magazine. She is also an avid speaker, published children’s author and now a novelist. Go to to learn more.

Peppertree Press is a Sarasota, Florida based professional publishing company – “Where Seeds are Planted and Flourish Worldwide!” – which offersprofessional publishing with a personal touch.

Peppertree was launched to help aspiring authors who have dreams and aspirations of turning their manuscripts into masterpieces. All projects that come to The Peppertree Press are thoroughly screened and evaluated before acceptance and are professionally edited and enhanced by our graphic design team.

“We are proud of our authors, who have incorporated meticulous research and a passion for writing that shows how they care for their readership.”

In addition, each author has a relationship with The Peppertree Press for promoting his or her book through public speaking, book signings, reading festivals, and contacts with both print and electronic media.

“So You Want to DIY? – A Panel of Alternative Publishing Experts – Saturday, October 20 – 4:00 – 5:00 PM

To see Julie Ann by special appointment, check the website prior to the conference or the FWA registration desk at the conference. Note: Conference attendance is required for interviews.


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