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Meet the Faculty: Michael J. Carlson

August 22, 2012

Michael J. Carlson, Author

Michael J. Carlson, is an FWA member, a fiction writer, and physician with eighteen years experience in emergency medicine, minor surgery, family practice, and writing medical opinions. In addition to two finalist works in the 2010 RPLA, he’s published continuing education articles for nurses and an article on initial stabilization of common injuries. Speaking experience includes fifteen years teaching advanced life support to physicians, nurses, and paramedics.

“Hurting Your Characters? Get Realistic!” – Saturday, October 20, 2:15-3:15 PM
Many writers have difficulty describing the acute physical injuries their fictional characters experience, using subjective terms. Citing examples from today’s films and books, Dr. Carlson leads a highly interactive lecture on effectively describing the top ten most asked-about acute injuries experienced by fictional characters from a subjective point of view, using common terms and concentrating on the needs of writers. Understanding the injuries they inflict on characters and realistic recuperative timeframes will help fiction writers establish author credibility and more fully connect their readers with the characters on an emotional level.

To see Michael by special appointment, check the website prior to the conference or the FWA registration desk at the conference. Note: Conference attendance is required for interviews.

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