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Meet the Faculty: Linda terBurg

September 7, 2012

Linda terBurg, Author and Marketing Expert
Linda received an M.B.A. from Wayne State University in 1984, with a concentration in Marketing and Accounting. During this time, she worked with the Small Business Administration, helping small businesses in the Detroit area develop marketing strategies. She earned a M.Ed. from Wayne State in education and a B.A. from Western Michigan University with an English major and a speech minor. She is also an author whose short stories have appeared in several anthologies. She is currently working on a children’s chapter book. She is an accomplished workshop presenter who encourages others to become presenters as well.

“So You Want to be a Speaker – Tips to Energize Your Presentations”, Saturday, October 20, 10:50-11:50 AM
This presentation will focus on presenting material using brain learning research and best practices of active learning, both of which will be modeled during the presentation. Audience member will partner with a variety of people to brainstorm ideas or discuss topics, thus reinforcing the rehearsal part of brain learning. Active audience members end up with more working knowledge than those working alone. Getting out of their seats with a guided purpose will reinforce active learning. I will also calculate these activities according to up-times and down-times of learning. Other aspects to be discussed are how to determine the best content, how to use visuals to hold attention, using humor and where to search for presenting opportunities.

To see Linda by special appointment, check the website prior to the conference or the FWA registration desk at the conference. Note: Conference attendance is required for interviews.

  1. September 8, 2012 8:37 am

    In the Appointment paragraph, don’t you mean “Linda” instead of “Ava”?

  2. Chris Hamilton permalink
    September 8, 2012 5:13 pm

    Thank you. This is what happens when I allow the editorial staff to sleep inside. I am too kind to them.

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