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Our stories at bulk rates!

September 9, 2012

by Su Gurheim

Discounts. Ya gotta love ’em. One of the perks of being an FWA member is the opportunity to enter our work in FWA’s annual Collection, a short story contest sponsored by the Board of Directors of the Florida Writers Association and published by Peppertree Press.

Each year the contest has a theme, and all submissions must conform to that theme. Fiction, nonfiction and poetry are all permissible.

The annual contests are great fun. We get the chance to be published! Sure looks good on our resumes. Plus the contests provide a way to stretch our writing muscles within parameters we may not have considered before.

Each Collection features a Person of Renown, who selects his or her Top Ten favorite entries out of the judges’ Top Sixty. How exciting to discover a famous writer thinks your story or poem is among his or her ten favorites! Persons of Renown to date are Suzette Standring for From Our Family to Yours, Elliot Kleinberg for Slices of Life, Bruce Cameron for Let’s Talk, and Julie Compton for this year’s Collection, My Wheels. You’ll hear about the 2013 Collection at the conference and in future blogs.

Here’s the deal – and there are two separate deals. The first is only for authors published in the current year’s Collection. They get to pre-order up to 15 copies of the current Collection for $10.70 per book (tax included), as long as they order and pay for them before the conference.

The second deal is for bulk ordering and lasts all year long. All FWA members (including this year’s Collection authors) may order copies of any or all of these Collection books (or our history book, Writing Our History – One Writer at a Time). As long as minimum order quantities are met, you may order as many as you want. And the more books you order, the better the discount. After you purchase, you may use the books as part of your marketing, selling them for whatever you want or giving them away.

Here’s the bottom line for bulk orders – PRICING:

Collections #1 and #2 retails at $13.95, plus tax = $14.93 per book.

This is up to a $3.74 savings per book

¨ 10% discount for 10 to 24 books = $12.56, + 7% sales tax = $13.44 per book

¨ 25% discount for 25 and up books = $10.46, + 7% sales tax = $11.19 per book

Collections #3 and #4 and the FWA History are $14.95, plus tax = $16.00 per book

This is up to a $4.01 savings per book

¨ 10% discount for 10 to 24 books = $13.46, + 7% sales tax = $14.40 per book

¨ 25% discount for 25 and up books = $11.21, + 7% sales tax = $11.99 per book

This bulk-rate-discount is always available. To order, contact FWA President Chrissy Jackson, PO Box 66069, St. Pete Beach, FL 33736. You have two bulk-rate options, but time is running out for the first.

  1. To save shipping charges, let Chrissy know now how many copies of which book(s) you want, send her a check made payable to FWA for the correct discount amount, and you’ll be able to pick up the books at the conference.
  2. Or, let Chrissy know any time during the year how many copies of which book(s) you want and send her a check made payable to FWA for the correct discount amount. The bulk order will be shipped and you’ll be billed for the shipping charges.

Speaking of the annual conference, it’s right around the corner: October 19-21. If you haven’t already done so, be sure you register before fees go up: And be sure to request the FWA discounted hotel rate: Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, 800.380.7724.

Conference dates

September 17 Last day for FWA-guaranteed rate of $115 per night (hotel rate, not conference registration fee)
21 Last day regular registration fee for annual conference (from here forward, late fee applies)
30 Last day for early-bird registration fee for Celebrity Workshop with R.J. Ellory (FWF)
October 9 Last day for mail-in registration for annual conference (online and onsite registration still available)
10 Last day to submit books/forms for FWA Conference Bookstore
18 Registration for annual conference open from 8-9:30 p.m. for materials pickup only
18 FWF Celebrity Workshop (onsite registration available on a space-available basis)
19-21 Florida Writers Annual Conference (onsite registration available on a space-available basis)

Do you want to share Collections with your tribe? Do you plan to submit a story for future Collections?


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