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Exercise Wednesday: Friday Afternoon

September 19, 2012

You know what it’s like when you’ve had a tough, long week at work and you get through that one last hurdle on Friday afternoon? When you’ve run around like a loon all week long getting things done and now it’s time for a break? When you worked overtime or went to kids’ activities or both and you have an open evening followed by a morning where you don’t really need to get up and do anything?

You can almost physically feel the tension drain from your body.

Today’s writing exercise is to describe that for a character. In describing that, include some action–even if that action is grabbing an icy cold beverage and finding a lawn chair in the back yard. But you can also include why the week was so long, and what the blessed weekend will bring. All of this can provide some great insight to your character. Why is he or she uptight, and what is it about the weekend that will help with the tension?

Or, what is it about the weekend that will increase tension?

And what will happen when the weekend is over?

Time limit: 30 minutes


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