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I forgot something!!!! (2012 version)

October 18, 2012

If you forget something you meant to bring to the conference, it’s probably not a big deal. Here’s our yearly rundown of what to do when that massive feeling of dread pummels you as you pull into the parking lot at the Marriott and realize one of these things:

  • I forgot what time my appointment was with the agent, publisher, or editor. Don’t worry. A member of the conference staff can work with you to get that information.
  • I forgot to bring the toiletries I need to make myself look beautiful for the agent, publisher, or editor. Don’t worry. The Orlando Marriott Lake Mary is conveniently located across the street from a Publix supermarket and a Walgreen’s.
  • I didn’t bring my excerpt for my meeting with an agent or publisher. Have we mentioned not to worry? The hotel has a complimentary business center, including a printer. The business center is open 24 hours a day for your convenience.
  • I forgot the cord to my laptop. There’s a major electronics store close by where you might be able to get a replacement.
  • I forgot that I want to work out in the morning. Chris will be up mighty early doing Insanity or P90X or something. Do you have what it takes to participate, hmmmmmm?
  • I forgot my toothbrush. Walgreen’s and Publix are there for you.
  • I left all my clothes and my suitcase at home. There are a number of department stores available within an easy drive from the hotel. Pretty sneaky way to get a new wardrobe.
  • I forgot my sense of humor. The hotel has a bar.
  • I left my work-in-progress on my flash drive at home. We’ve got you covered. The rooms have high-speed internet. Just ask someone at home to e-mail it to you and you’re good to go!
  • I forgot where I left my car keys. Try the top of the dresser or under the sofa cushions.
  • I forgot my money. The hotel has an ATM. Publix and Walgreen’s can give you cash back if you use plastic with a purchase. Just don’t forget to pay Bank of America it’s five-dollar fee.
  • I’m a Mets fan and I’m not sure I can handle the depression. As previously mentioned, the hotel has a bar.
  • I forgot how to get to the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. The hotel website has a handy map included.

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