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Last-Minute Conference Preparations

October 18, 2012

Each year, the day before the conference starts is a busy day filled with preparations and the annual Florida Writers Foundation celebrity workshop. This year is no exception. Although work for the conference usually starts as soon as the previous conference ends (actually, even before that), there are always plenty of last minute things required to be ready.

One of the hits of each conference is the fabulous conference goodie bag. Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered the magic required to create self-filling bags, so each year, we create an assembly line to fill the bags with swag. The swag is generously donated by conference sponsors and participants, and includes the conference program that allows you to figure out what sessions to see.

Preparing the fabulous conference goodie bags

The process is simple. You grab a bag, put one of each thing in the bag, put the bag in the pile, then start over. We do this about 450 times–though if a lot of people walk up to register, we can always make more!

This year’s goodie bags were donated by, and as you can see, there were plenty of them. We’re also busy putting up signs and working with the staff of the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, who do such a great job making us all feel at home each year.

It’s not too late to come…

If you want to attend, but you haven’t registered, we’ve got you covered. Just come and register at the door. You can still participate in all the conference events, including all sessions; booking appointments with agents, editors, or faculty; and the spectacular Royal Palm Literary Awards banquet Saturday night.

And if you’re up really early tomorrow morning, you can come work out with me. I believe we will be doing a P90X workout. Or maybe Insanity.

If you’re on the way here, then I have to tell you to stop looking at this post and concentrate on driving.

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