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Corrected — Your 2012 Royal Palm Literary Award Winners

October 22, 2012

This year we had 319 RPLA entries, judged by 55 qualified members of the writing community, including professors, professionals, and past RPLA winners. Each category could have as many as three winners–first, second, and third prize. And this year, for the first time, the Dahris Clair Memorial Award was presented for the best screenplay. For complete information about the RPLA winners, click here.

Here are the 2012 Royal Palm Literary Award Winners. Please call up the people you know and tell them how proud and excited you are for them.

Published Book of the Year:

The published book of the year had the highest cumulative judges’ score of all the published books that were judged.

Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes by Will G. Merrill Jr. (History)

Unpublished Book of the Year:

The unpublished book of the year had the highest cumulative judges’ scores of all the unpublished books that were judged.

The Cold Season by William C. Walker (Romance)

Dahris Clair Memorial Award for best screenplay

Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad

Book-Length Fiction

Published Historical Fiction

First Place: The French Teacher by William C. Walker

Unpublished Historical Fiction

First Place: The Lantern by Joanne Lewis

Second Place: Nisei by John J. White

Third Place: In the Hands of the Wolf by Raymond Gustavson

Unpublished Humor/Satire (Fiction)

First Place: Never Bet Your Future on a Guy Called Weasel by Ann Meier

Unpublished Mainstream Fiction

First Place: The Bully Route Home by D. L. Havlin

Second Place: Andrew Comes Home by Philip L. Levin

Third Place: ‘Nam World by Jeff Boyle

Published Mystery

First Place: The Gift by Bruce H. Kubec

Unpublished Mystery

First Place: The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton

Second Place: Deadly Sacrifices by Bridges DelPonte

Third Place: Judas Kisses by Laurie Solheim

Unpublished Romance

First Place: The Cold Season by William C. Walker

Unpublished Science Fiction

First Place: Stone Perfect by Chris Coward

Published Thriller/Suspense

First Place: Tiger Paw by Charles A. Cornell

Second Place: The Hitman’s Lover by Richard Newell Smith

Unpublished Thriller/Suspense

First Place: Place of Fear by Ken Pelham

Second Place: Francis’ Flowers by D. L. Havlin

Third Place: Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith

Juvenile Fiction

Published Children’s Picture Books

First Place: The King of Fish by Darrell House

Unpublished Children’s Picture Books

First Place: Suki Saluki: Horse Farm Hero by M. R. Street

Second Place: Rectangle Jangle by Gayle Swift

Third Place: Dragonella’s Striped Umbrella at the Playground by Gayle Swift

Published Chapter Book

First Place: Hildy by Millie Richmond

Unpublished Middle-Grade Fiction

First Place: Rise and Shine Rosie by Mary Kay Pyles

Unpublished Young Adult Fiction

First Place: The Rules of Lying by Linda Kelley

Second Place: Shedim: The Secret of Gems by K. M. Smith

Third Place: An Angel Torched My Homework and Other Lies by Carol Sipes


Unpublished screenplays

First Place: Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad

Short Fiction

Published Flash Fiction

First Place: Distorted Reflections by Amber Garr

Second Place: 100 Needles by Paige L. Scott

Third Place: A Leap of Faith by Amber Garr

Unpublished Flash Fiction

First Place: Dial Tone by Gayle Swift

Second Place: One Last Time by Jan Evans

Third Place: An Accidental Death by Phyllis Smallman

Published Short Story

First Place: Jesus or Juju by Roger Poppen

Second Place: Jack Daniels And Tea by Phyllis Smallman

Third Place: T-Patrol by Mary Lois Sanders

Unpublished Short Story

First Place: A Flutter of Wings by Victor DiGenti

Second Place: A Shadow the Length of a Lifetime by John J. White

Third Place: Rosabelle, Believe by Mark McWaters

Unpublished Novella

First Place: Restoration by Laura Pelner McCarthy

Second Place: Solitary by Bradette Michel

Book-Length Nonfiction

Published Autobiography or Memoir

First Place: Life in the Land of IS by Bette Lee Crosby

Second Place: Baseball’s Finest Moments by Jack L. Hayes

Unpublished Autobiography or Memoir

First Place: Hardship Post by Robert J. Taylor

Published Educational or Informational

First Place: You Have to Say the Words by Kathy Ryan

Published History

First Place: Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes by Will G. Merrill Jr.

Short Nonfiction

Unpublished Creative Nonfiction

First Place: Palladium Nights by Beda Kantarjian

Second Place: To the Top by Joan Levy

Third Place: Snowball by Joan Levy

Unpublished Essay

First Place: Quibbles ‘n Bits by Barbara Samuels

Second Place: Arguing with E.B.B. by Judy Weber


Unpublished Poetry

First Place: Change by Robin Thomas

Second Place: Petal Fists by Donna S. Fernandez

Third Place: Greedy by Maxie Steer

  1. October 22, 2012 7:00 am

    Congrats to all!

  2. October 22, 2012 9:21 am

    A very impressive list of winners, the titles creative, Congratulations.

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