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RPLA Corrections Made.

October 23, 2012

No correction is minor when it’s your stuff that was messed up. We’ve corrected some localized, important errors in the list of RPLA winners posted here yesterday.

We messed up the Thriller/Suspense category something fierce. The three awards listed as published thriller/suspense winners were actually unpublished. And the published winners were omitted. To give them equal time, here they are–and you should go buy them to make up for my mistake.

Congratulations to Charles and Richard. And to Ken, DL, and Richard, I’m certain that our listing your works as published was a prediction, and not a mistake!

Published Thriller/Suspense

First Place: Tiger Paw by Charles A. Cornell

Second Place: The Hitman’s Lover by Richard Newell Smith

Unpublished Thriller/Suspense

First Place: Place of Fear by Ken Pelham

Second Place: Francis’ Flowers by D. L. Havlin

Third Place: Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith


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