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H is for Holy Cow, I Skipped H

October 30, 2012

Diane Carlisle has a blog that I read sometimes and she’s doing the alphabet thing. The other day (as I write this), she posted her entry for the letter H (for humility). I didn’t remember what I’d posted for H, so I went back and looked–and discovered that I skipped H.

There must be some deep-seated psychological reason someone would skip the first letter of his last time. Or it could be a coincidence. Maybe I am just too damned good to be humble. Whatever the reason, I totally missed it.

As I start back on my never-ending work-in-progress, forgetting H comes at a convenient time. It’s been sitting for several weeks, aging, while I’ve been spending all my writing time reading. I am certain that at some point, I’m going to run into something like forgetting H. It’ll be like the Goofs section in the Internet Movie Database, where someone’s holding a gun in his right hand, then magically holding it in his left hand in the next scene. Then it’ll shift back to the right hand. Or a cowboy hat in a pirate movie.

And it could be something I’d miss. That’s why you have to let the manuscript sit a while, so you can catch those things. And that’s why someone else edits your work, because they’re going to catch things you miss–like 4% of the alphabet.

As a blogger, I don’t have the luxury, and I’m sure there are dozens of mistakes through the lifetime of this blog. I could say that I allow the mistakes purposely–like women who purposely add one to their quilts to honor God, who is perfect. I could say that, but the truth is, when you blog, you’re sort of on your own. There’s no staff. No editors. No editorial board to approve what you write.

At more than 1000 posts, I will probably never go back and reread what I’ve posted. But if I did, some of it would be embarrassingly bad. And some of it would rock over the space of time.

The most important thing with mistakes, however, isn’t to avoid making them. Everyone makes mistakes. The real key is how to deal with your mistakes. For instance, if you were to skip a letter, you could go back and fix it, or you could handle it in a flippant way, and continue past it to the other letters.

Plus, I’m a little dyslexic and in my alphabet, h doesn’t come after i. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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