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You…yes YOU…Could Present at Next Year’s Conference!

November 11, 2012

How would you like to be famous?

Well, not famous, exactly, but someone looked up to as a leader in the writery sciences? It’s possible. Although the memories–and the extra pounds–are still fresh from this year’s conference, we’re already planning for next year. That includes taking proposals for the sessions that are part of next year’s conference.

Some of the sessions are penciled in pretty firmly, but most are wide open.

To be considered for a conference session, you have to present something of general interest to at least a decent subset of attendees. For instance, a session on why you should all buy a beer for the conference blogger is, unfortunately, not going to be seriously considered. However, a session on how to use a blog as part of your book-marketing efforts would be seriously considered.

No free beer for you!

You’ve got a little time to consider your ideas. Your proposal is due by January 15, 2013. Your idea should ideally fall into one of the following categories: fiction, nonfiction, the business of writing, or perhaps a panel discussion of some sort. You could also propose to be part of the agents, publishers, and acquisition editors panel, or the self-publishing panel.

Ideally, to present, you should have some public-speaking experience. We wouldn’t want your first time in front of the mic to be in front of a ton of writers–some of whom you know!

When you submit your idea, you should be able to discuss how your session will be interactive. And although your session can’t be about how great your book is, and how everyone should run over to the conference book store this instant and buy it, you will have a bio in the conference program and you’ll be introduced by the room monitor. Your bio can include what your book is, and that it’s available at the conference bookstore.

Not all the ideas will be accepted, but if yours is, you’ll know by early March. And if your session isn’t selected, you should watch this space for mini-conferences.

Interested? How could you not be?

Just click here to download the Call for Presentations form and have at it!

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