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Back from vacation and the cupboard is empty

November 27, 2012

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me–and I haven’t had any children’s activities to ferry my son to. Imagine that.

Two weeks ago, I had an off-site work event that ran from very early in the morning to very, very late at night. Then I got home and caught up on work for one day (Friday), caught up at home the next day (Saturday), and went on a luxurious eight-day, seven-night cruise to the western Gulf. (By the way, I’ve been waiting for turn-down service for two days now and no one as shown up. What gives?)

So Sunday, I look at the post vault and find out that there’s nothing for Tuesday!

I would not want to be in my shoes right now, that’s for sure.

I did manage to get some writing in during those two weeks–revisions, actually. But overall, there wasn’t a buttload of creativity going on. When you’re off snorkeling and doing cave-tubing adventures and zipping around Cozumel in little speed boats, you sort of forget about putting fingers to keyboard.

Cave tubing is floating through a cave in an innertube. And it’s an amazing experience.

But there’s great value in some time away. Even among the most active and engaged writers, there are times when even drudgery is preferable to writing. In farming, you have to rotate your crops and rest the land periodically so as not to deplete it. When you work out, you schedule off days to allow your body to mend.

The weights were light, but I did a lot of reps.

The same can be true of writing.

To be honest, the blog’s been a little hard lately. The ideas haven’t been flowing so freely and the fun of writing them has diminished some. But now I’m back and other than the 504 unread e-mails (not counting work) and the 99 loads of laundry to do, I’m feeling a little invigorated. The break was good.

To be honest, except for Canada (beer run!) and a couple times in Mexico on a previous cruise, I haven’t been outside the USA. The experiences of the cruise went beyond the fun, food, and fantastic entertainment (there’s a post on improv coming up, but I really don’t want to plan that one).

Good day. Welcome to Canada, eh! Have some cold ones!

Roatan is a great diving destination–or so I’ve heard–but it’s also a dreadfully impoverished place. I’ll be posting more on that later, too.

But maybe, just maybe, if your writing is bogging down, you should rest some. Get recharged. Come back strong!


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