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Exercise Wednesday: Done. Finished.

November 28, 2012

While I was busy scouring the writing corners of the Interwebs, I found the following picture.

Given the nature of the workouts I sometimes do, I completely understand the moment. Whatever this person has done, it was physically and mentally demanding. And it’s over. Energy is spent, everything dumped out in the effort, a complete internal challenge, and now the tank is empty.

But what does it feel like? Is it a win? Is the unseen mouth smiling at the result? Is it a personal best, even if they didn’t finish first? Or is it a loss, the ultimate effort to no effect? Is this person laying alone on the open expanse while adulation and success remain elusive, over there with the person who didn’t lose?

It doesn’t have to be a running race. It could be a different physical activity. Or a demanding mental activity. It could be the inevitable collapse at the end of a project, successful or not.

Time limit: 25 minutes

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