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Industry News: S&S Launches Self-Pub with Author Solutions; Amazon Expands Pub in Europe; RH Expands Digital-Only Line

December 1, 2012

Simon & Schuster Open Self-Publishing Service

In case you didn’t think there were enough options for self-publishing, Simon & Schuster has come to your rescue. S&S is working with Author Solutions to create Archway Publishing, a premium self-publishing service that will cost authors between $1,599 and $24,999 for a wide range of services. The lower-end price includes an editorial assessment and a cover copy review. For the big bucks, you’ll get an author profile video and a reception at Book Expo America. Although Simon & Schuster are business partners, Author Solutions is staffing the new venture. More than 211,000 books were self-published last year, which is up sixty percent from 2010. Penguin’s parent company, Pearson, bought Author Solutions in July.

What this means to you: Author Solutions does not have a sterling reputation and its prices are considerably higher than most of its competitors. Writer Beware, a good resource for issues like this, has posted about this action on its blog. It’s getting to the point where you might need an agent or some other party to navigate the jungle. Failing that, sites like Writer Beware are a great resource if you’re considering self-publishing.

Amazon Expands is European Publishing Operations

Amazon west coast publisher, Vicky Griffith, will have a new mailing address soon, relocating from Seattle to Luxembourg. Amazon is staffing up, adding editors and marketing in Europe to serve English-language readers there and getting more books into English-language bookstore. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Lawrence Kirshbaum is taking over the Seattle operation and Amazon’s children’s publishing.

What this means to you: This news probably means nothing to you specifically. But it shows Amazon’s desire to expand its publishing operation. Its expansions in the publishing world scared the Big Six (now five) so much that they may have colluded with Apple to fight Amazon’s expansion. Overall, Amazon’s growth in the publishing world will continue and the changes are just starting.

Random House creates digital-only imprints

Random House has created three digital-only imprints, in addition to expanding its romance digital-only line. It is creating Alibi for mysteries and thrillers; Hydra for science fiction, fantasy, and horror; and Flirt for YA and New Adult titles. In addition, the Loveswept line will expand to additional titles. The first titles are expected to roll out for all the imprints in early 2013. Random has also released guidelines for all four. They’re looking for short works between 15,000 and 30,000 words and longer works between 40,000 and 60,000 words.

What this means to you: It means another option for releasing your books. If you follow the link above, you can see all the information for yourself.



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