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*Your* Holiday Gift List

December 2, 2012 few days ago, we published the first annual Florida Writers Association gift list. But the whole idea started when we asked you want you wanted for Christmas this year. Here’s the list of what I got both in e-mail and Facebook. I’m not going to identify the people who asked for things, but I will list what they asked for.

Person number 1

  • A new desk I can conform to my needs to write more comfortably.
  • Love the idea of noise canceling headphones
  • An agent
  • A “traditional” publisher
  • Become a best seller on Amazon!

Person number 2

  • A laptop computer
  • More time to write

Person number 3

  • A new computer since mine is dying a slow death of old age
  • Two registration fees for next year’s FWA conference (I went this year with my daughter and it was twice the fun.) 
  • Entrance fee for the Royal Palm competition
  • Registration fee for the Altamonte Springs conference, also times two 
  • MyWriterTools, NaturalReader or PerfectIt editing programs 
  • 2013 Writers Market
  • My last item can only be received through hard work, luck and maybe a little help from Santa Claus, but it would be great to get a literary agent this year. Of course, a publishing contract is probably first on the list for most writers so I’m sure I’m not alone there.

Person number 4

  • What winter-type stuff do I want for Christmas? There’s the 64 million dollar question. I’m not a native Floridian. I left Minnesota in 1979 – but I remember the winters there. I wished for skis, sleds, warm gloves, ice-skates. Back in the 60’s, before everyone turned green and decided to save the animals, I had a pair of elk-skin boots that were to die for. I wore them from the first snow-fall until spring. In fact I wore them until the man-made parts disintegrated. Someone up there knows how to keep elk from balding. The last three years I lived in Minnesota the wind-chill went through me like a sieve. I couldn’t get warm enough and consequently decided I’d used up all my winter days – I moved to Florida. It’s the only state in which I’ve lived other than Minnesota. But it is warm, my body doesn’t shiver, my toes don’t go numb and I don’t see my breath in January. I’ve been here for thirty three years now and do not regret moving one bit. I regret getting old, but aging is not something that can be controlled. So, what winter-stuff do I want for Christmas? Age has mellowed my choices. I no longer want things – down-sizing is a goal for me. It’s not very wintry stuff, but give me peace of mind. I want to enjoy friendship between people so when I leave this planet a smile might cross the faces of people who have touched my life. I won’t ask for elk-boots any more.

From Facebook

  • Writers crave time. How about the gift of a housekeeper/cook, or a secretary to answer FWA e-mails.
  • Winning lotto ticket would be nice —
  • Time
  • Seriously, the Kindle Fire ain’t a bad idea…
  • free conference tickets
  • A movie deal!
  • A weekend at the hotel/bed and breakfast/retreat of their choice, with room service and satellite radio.
  • A gift card to Office Max, I’m always running out of ink cartridges, paper, pens and etc.
  • A back-up drive.
  • A year membership to the FWA for a writer who wants to be a part of us but cannot afford it.
  • Books and references on their wish list. Gift certificate for copy editing service.




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