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Exercise Wednesday: Alone on New Year’s Eve

December 26, 2012

Let’s start with full disclosure. I have a tried-and-true formula for New Year’s Eve: I go to sleep around my usual time (ten-ish). Then, New Year’s morning, I wake up around my normal time (earlier than you want to know). So I ring in the new year each year deep in REM sleep. What could be better? It’s amateur night, after all.

However, New Year’s Eve has a lot of emotional punch. The kiss at midnight is always a potentially romantic time for people and, by extension, for writers. The New Year’s parties, including couples in their finest, and of course, lots and lots of alcohol.

How about trying it differently? What about a New Year’s Eve alone? How does that work? Why is your character alone? What is his or her emotional reaction to spending New Year’s Eve alone?

Is the character grieving? Bitter? Sad? Angry? Or perhaps happy and satisfied to spend the evening alone?

Why is the character alone? Estrangement from family? On the way to military deployment? Starting a new job?

Your assignment, this festive day, is to figure all this out and write it.

Time limit: 30 minutes


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