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What are your challenges this year? An invitation to you for both challenges and solutions.

January 4, 2013

Yesterday, we challenged you with some questions aimed at helping clarify your goals for the coming year, along with another challenge to create some interim steps to help you along the way to getting there.

Today, as a natural follow-up, we’re going into writers-helping-writers mode to ask what you need to help you along the way to your goals.

In short, what are the things that are standing in the way of your meeting your goals this year?

In truth, we can’t solve those problems for you. We might be able to point you to some information that might help you figure out how to do things differently, but you are the solution.

So, as we ask you to share your challenges–which we will do in a moment–we also want to challenge you again. What can you do to move toward a solution? What steps might you take to meet the challenges that are slowing your writing progress?

Once you understand the challenge and a possible solution–not a perfect solution, but something you think might work–send them in. We’ll feature them in a future blog post and invite your fellow writers to chime in with their stories about the same or similar struggles and how they have or haven’t fixed things.

If you totally kicked a challenge’s butt and want to share that, please send that, as well. (In other words, you could be, like, a guest blogger, which is sort-of, kind-of like being published in some ways.)

If you want to share any of that, ask for your fellow writers’ help, or contribute solutions, here’s the link.

The writer you help may be yourself.


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