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13in13: A Year of Living Creatively

February 3, 2013

Today, we have a bonus post about an exciting series of events in the Orlando area, including one with the fabulous Julie Compton, who is all over FWA stuff. And whose new book, Keep No Secrets, will hit the bookstores soon. But there are a number of other events around the area through the end of the year. If you’re there, check them out. If you aren’t, here’s a reason to go to Orlando that doesn’t involve cranky children, long lines, and $4 Cokes. The post is written by Joseph Hayes and his story, and the events he’s planning, are worth checking out.

13in13: My Year of Living Creatively

I’m Joseph Hayes, an Orlando playwright and full-time freelance writer. In the past decade, I’ve been writing and producing plays, readings, spoken word performances, Jazz On Edge concerts, the groundbreaking (and United Arts award-winning) House Theater Project, and collaborations with uniquely talented writers, musicians and theater artists live and online. Now, I’m taking on a new challenge with 13in13, using all the things I’ve learned during my projects and combining them into one art-packed year. Think of it as local, sustainable art.

Here are the basics of 13in13: My Year of Living Creatively: thirteen events in 2013, written, produced or curated by me to share with the Orlando community and online around the world (see list below). I’m doing it because I like to be entertained; because I think the creative work of the 45 local artists I’ll be sharing this project with deserves notice; and because, if we show local theaters and music venues that audiences really do want to see original plays and hear musicians playing their own compositions and are willing to contribute real money to it, perhaps we’ll see more investment in the local arts community and we’ll all be in a happier place.

The website that has a full schedule of shows is

I’m depending on the local community to spread the word by emailing, Facebooking, tweetering and pointing to screens enthusiastically and saying, “This is a good thing!” With everyone’s help, I think we can make a real change in the perception of what is marketable in the arts.

Joseph Hayes

The events:

FEB 5: “Big Easy Express”, an area-exclusive screening of the critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated movie.

FEB 9: “Creating an Audience and Shameless Self-Promotion”, a Downtown Credo Conduit workshop by Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor and Joseph Hayes.

APR 4: Brian Groder and Tonino Miano conduct a master class in composition and jazz improvisation at the UCF Jazz Studies Department.

APR 5: “Jazz in the Real World”, Groder and Miano lead the students of the UCF Jazz program in a real world gig.

APR 7: “FluiDENSITY”, Groder and Miano premiere their new CD of modern classical/jazz improvisations at the Timucua White House.

JUNE 25: “Jazz On Edge Supper Club”, vocalist Heather Friedman and her trio perform at Hannibal’s on the Square for a special dinner and jazz evening.

TBA: “Solos”, House Theater Project production of my Orlando Fringe Festival hit jazz play.

TBA: “Solos After Hours” House Theater Project/Jazz On Edge presentation of “Solos” with a live band, followed by a cabaret performance of the Solos Quartet with guest vocalist Lulu Picart.

TBA: “Water Cities”, an exhibit of photographs by Joseph Reed Hayes at Downtown Credo.

TBA: “13in13 Reading Series”, spoken word performances by novelists Julie Compton and Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor, playwright Joseph Reed Hayes and poet Summer Rodman.

TBA: “Host Your Own” Jazz On Edge House Concert in your home, for as many people as you want, featuring the 5th anniversary Jazz On Edge concert, which will be streamed live online from your house to your friends around the world.

TBA: “Host Your Own” House Theater Project the world premiere of “A SLOW RIDE” by Joseph Reed Hayes in your home, for as many people as you want, which will be streamed live online from your house to your friends around the world.

DEC 2013: “The Little Dickens”, a “radio drama” production of a cracking new Holiday show, presented in front of a live audience and streamed online.

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