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Coming…Short Story Tuesday

February 8, 2013

I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking of new ways to keep this blog relevant and happening. When you shoot for new content every day, it can get hard to stay fresh. Fortunately, a new idea has sprung to life and I’d like to tell you about it. Unfortunately, that has cut my quota of new ideas for the year in half.

It’s called Short Story Tuesday. And it’s your turn to take advantage of the thousands of hits this blog has generated each month for the last four years. The rules are simple:

  • The work has to be yours. No using someone else’s work or making the request for them. You have to write and own all intellectual property rights–and you’ll retain them.
  • The work can’t be NC-17 rated. FWA has nothing against erotica. I mean, we’ve all been there and presumably enjoyed the expreience. But this blog is for general audiences and explicit sexuality isn’t appropriate here.
  • Please do not submit something you’re going to submit for the FWA Collection.
  • The submission should be in plain text format. Please do not sent Word files or anything else with formatting.
  • You should shoot for 2000 words or fewer. It’s an online format and long short stories probably won’t work well.
  • After you post, others have the ability to comment on what you post.
  • You can let your friends and family know your work is being posted.

If you want to comment, please remember that FWA’s motto is Writers Helping Writers, not Writers Ripping Writers a New One. Please make your comments helpful. If something doesn’t work for you, say it doesn’t work. Don’t try to fix it for them. And more than anything else, remember that you’re a writer, too. Don’t make a comment you wouldn’t want to receive. I reserve the right to remove comments that don’t fit the Writers Helping Writers mindset.

If you’re interested, drop me a line with your work. Also include a brief paragraph at the beginning about yourself, complete with a link to your website.

I’ll prime the pump with a couple works the next two weeks.


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