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Exercise Wednesday: A Weighty Challenge

February 20, 2013

Normally, I take kind of a snarky, mock-cynical approach to the content in this blog. Today, I’m doing the opposite of that because the subject of today’s post is a sensitive one that’s close to a lot of peoples’ hearts–literally.

My wife has been watching the Biggest Loser, and I’ve been picking up glances here and there. The second week, a guy got eliminated who had worked harder than anyone else on his team and even I couldn’t help but be touched by his effort and disappointment. I’ve probably lost more than 50 pounds since my maximum weight a couple years ago, but I still struggle with eating.

And given the emotional attachment to weight-related problems, there’s deep and vast materials for writers in that risky area. So today’s exercise is to write a scene in which someone is emotionally moved by their weight or by someone else’s weight. It can be someone who goes to the doctor and is told to lose weight or they’ll die. Or it could be someone who realizes that their kid’s arms won’t fit around their waist. Or it could be someone watching a loved one go down a bad path in their relationship with food, and feeling unable to do something about it.

This is serious ground. It’s very risky ground, and I’m going here with the maximum amount of respect for the discomfort this challenge may present.

But it’s in the places where we feel uncomfortable that the deepest wells of passion reside.

If this is too uncomfortable, please believe that’s not my intent.

Time limit: 30 minutes

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  1. L. Dean Murphy permalink
    February 20, 2013 10:03 am

    Writing exercises for this topic can be composite research for healthy eating, compare fat content and number of calories in an apple to a dish of ice cream. Research is what writers do. Take that info and prepare an article for a magazine, even if it’s not published. Realizing food choices caused my weight problem a decade ago brought it under control. My research on the medical side revealed sugar (fructose is the euphemism used by food processors) caused dangerously high cholesterol levels. Eliminating sugar brought that issue to a normal number without statins. Research and writing may be better exercises that those at a gym.

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