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You, as a writer, are a leader

February 25, 2013

If you haven’t visited Rachelle Gardner’s blog, you should do so. Outside this outstanding blog, it’s on of the places you should visit as a writer on a daily basis. Ms. Gardner’s an agent who has a lot of things worth saying, and she’s pretty good at making you come away from her blog thinking of things you haven’t thought about before.

Her January 2 post is a good example. The headline for the post asks about what your focus is for the new year, but the majority of the post talks about leadership, her status as a leader and your status as a leader.

You’re a leader because you have a voice. And your voice can be used to convince people of things you think are important. Maybe those things are the seemingly small, every day things that populate our lives, like it’s a good thing not to kick each other in the groin (figuratively speaking, of course). Maybe those things are big things, statements about society and where it should go.

Whatever those things are, they’re big if they’re important enough for you to write about. And though your number one goal as a writer is (probably) to serve the reader, a strong second would be to talk about things that matter.

So like it or not, you’re a leader.

What are you going to do about it?


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