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Do Guys Make Passes at Girls Wearing Glasses? And Do the Girls Care?

March 11, 2013

I Facebook friend or subscribe to just about every writer I stumble over. So when I saw Meg Cabot post something about getting her “smexy” on, I clicked the link. I mean, I’m a guy. Anything that looks like that word captures my attention. Plus, I wanted to know what Smexy is. Maybe it’s a new carbonated soft drink that tastes like lemon lime. Or perhaps it’s an adult disposable undergarment that’s so trim, even Lisa Rinna would wear it.

(That’s not awkward at all, is it?)

As it turns out, Smexy means how you might look if you wear glasses. It’s kind of like being a sexy nerd. And there’s a certain truth to that. Women, at least, can look amazingly sexy in glasses.

Lest I forget half my reading audience, more than a few of them found John Lennon completely irresistible in glasses they’ve basically named after him.

Still, as someone who’s graduated into the glasses phase of my life, I find that I miss having the best eyes around. I miss squinting to read something, then having someone tell me need glasses, then point at something fifty feet away and tell them I’m reading it. Actually, I miss being that young.

So glasses aren’t always welcome. In the article about Meg Cabot’s Smexiness, the first picture is of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s glasses aren’t sexy, smexy, or anything of the like. They’re Coke-bottle glasses. Then again, she’s 65 years old. It’s not fair or appropriate to compare her to Tina Fey. (And no one ever considered Henry Kissinger’s looks the way they do Hillary–and he was not an attractive man.)

The real question is whether your character needs glasses. And honestly, I can’t remember very many characters in what I’ve read who do. But what if they did. What kind of glasses would they wear. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t look appropriate in sexy glasses. her glasses, honestly, look like something Drew Carey would wear. But there’s a reason for that. She has to negotiate with men–some of whom view women as weak and easy to manipulate. A less feminine set of glasses might help even the playing field, even a little. (And you’re nuts if you don’t think that’s a consideration.)

Madam Secretary, can I have my glasses back?

The same care should go into your character’s glasses–and other personal effects–as Secretary Clinton’s. And your character’s feelings about them should be part of that care. How does your female character feeling about the fact that she has to wear glasses, and about the glasses she’s wearing? How about your male character? Is he vain enough to not wear them when he should?

These are small details that can give great insight into your characters.

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  1. March 11, 2013 11:25 pm

    The glasses have to be tinted to LQQK sexy.

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