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The Power of Words

March 21, 2013

By Dean Murphy

A person sits on pavement with a crudely printed sign: I’m blind. Please help. Passersby occasionally drop coins, though most in the following two-minute video don’t notice him. They sip lattes and chat, smiles on their faces.

His face reflects destitution.

A woman in oversized sunglasses notices the sign and picks it up. While she writes something on the back, the man feels her shoes, the only identifying measure he has. The woman puts the rewritten sign beside him.

Immediately pedestrians give more money than his container can hold.

Later, Sunglasses Woman pauses in front of him.

He feels her shoes and says, “What did you do to my sign?”

She kneels, kindly places her hand on his shoulder. “I wrote the same, but different words.”

Watch The Power of Words to learn what she wrote.

The video’s creator is Purple Feather, an online content specialist at, which permitted Florida Writers Association to inspire writers with The Power of Words.

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