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Write what you believe in

March 22, 2013

Back in the old days, in 2011, I ran my first Tough Mudder with seven other people I didn’t know very well. The world works the way it does, and I only run into those people periodically at the occasional race or obstacle course, but I’m still connected via Facebook with most of them.

Today, one of them published a blog post about the benefits of weight lifting for women. The blog and this post are part of a feeder for her business–and that’s one reason to write. After all, if you’re shooting to be published, part of that drive is to make some money for your effort. She’s just going about it a little differently.

But she’s not doing it just to make money. You can make money a lot of ways. She’s making money doing something she thinks is important–namely fitness. And she’s writing about it because she thinks it’s important.

Which leads to the tip of the day: you don’t have to write a book or short stories. You can, and much of this blog is devoted to people who are trying to–or succeeding at–doing that. But who’s to say you’re less successful if you use your writing skills do build a business you have on the side?

Regardless of what your passion is, you can use your writing to pursue that passion. I’ve referenced a blog I visit regularly that talks about sports uniforms. The man who runs it makes money writing how football jerseys used to have sleeves and now don’t.

There’s an internet reference called Rule 34, which states that if it exists, there’s pornography about it. Rule 1, for writers, should be that if it exists, there’s an opportunity to write about it, and an opportunity to use your writing skills to pursue your passion, and maybe make a little money at it.


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