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Exercise Wednesday: Compound word poetry

March 27, 2013

Make use of the internet for ideas that take you to strange places.  This link will bring you to a very very long, random list of compound words and phrases, names, places genus and species and all manner of things that could well be evocative of new poems.  Take a page or a half a page at a time and look for something that gives you a stepping stone into your next poem.  You could use this list for years.  Club sandwich, Wolf cub, Sheet music, Pickle relish are all listed.  So are rumex acetosa, coprinus atramentarius, and electron spin resonance.  So here are a few others:  If the list puts you off, think of how it does that, and write a poem that is a reaction to the list, or is about something on the more ideal list you imagine.  Or write that ideal list for future use (or in the form of a poem).  Have fun!   Peggy

fertilization age

drug abuse

pes cavus

letter of marque

fixed-combination drug

daniel rutherford

second battle of ypres

golden rain

head linesman

tea cosy

black african

driving belt

tropical zone

marcus junius brutus

furnace room

phase of the moon

local anaesthesia

stephen decatur

gray substance

lombard street

canary wine

wolf cub

tennis player

karl wilhelm scheele

estonian monetary unit

genus xyphophorus

genus luvarus

genus acherontia

culcita dubia

club sandwich

aqua regia

archidiskidon imperator

genus oxybelis

keep mum

a kempis

scarabaeid beetle

pillow fight

james scott connors

pillow lava

silicon bronze

regional anesthesia

tall gallberry holly

Peggy Miller, an editor with The Comstock Review, has an MFA from American University. She has conducted poetry workshops for over 15 years. Her collections include What the Blood Knows was published in 2007 and Stone Being in 2009, both from Custom Words. Peggy has published a chapbook, Martha Contemplates the Universe, Frith Press, and a Greatest Hits chapbook from Pudding House. Visit her on Facebook.


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