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Seating is Limited at FWF’s Celebrity Workshop, Presented by Author-Superstar Mary Burton

April 14, 2013

You’re hearing it here first: the news about the 2013 Celebrity Workshop, an amazing opportunity for writers of all genres.

Those of us who follow writing blogs and threads in chat-rooms see the same lament, over and over: “My writing is as good as [fill in bestselling author’s name]; what’s his/her secret to success?”

Only one way to find out—ask! You’ll have your chance at the all-day Celebrity Workshop sponsored by the Florida Writers Foundation, , a charitable organization that supports programs for literacy and writing skills. The workshop features mega-bestselling (can you spell “rock star”?) author Mary Burton.

No matter what your genre, you’ll learn real-world secrets to publishing success from this author who’s often called the “modern-day queen of romantic suspense” and has published 24 novels in a decade. She garnered a lot of attention at the conference of Romance Writers of America in 2010, which gathered some 2,000 attendees. (Winning a RITA award didn’t exactly hurt, either.) Now during FWF’s tax-deductible seminar, “Writing Your Book…Step By Step,” we have our chance to discover this internationally bestselling author’s winning approach to writing a novel, article, or short story.

Ms. Burton is also the 2014 Person of Renown for FWA’s Collection No. 6 and keynote speaker for FWA’s 2014 annual conference. Several of her books will be available for purchase in the conference bookstore, including No Escape, her most recent, which won’t be released until November, so you’ll get a jump on everyone else. Watch for information about autographing opportunities.

Do the math: FWF has 600 slots for this amazing workshop. Ms. Burton always draws the crowds—for good reason. Ensure your seat now. Early Bird registration (through August 31) is $95 for FWA members, $115 for nonmembers. Late registration (after September 1 it’s $115 for FWA members, $135 for nonmembers.

The FWF Celebrity Workshop is October 17, 2013, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary.

For details and to register, please visit the Florida Writers Foundation website: or contact

  1. April 14, 2013 10:02 am

    In a word, WOW! Imagine an author’s dedication to the writing craft to prolifically publish as many titles. It’s an honor for FWA and FWF to have this superstar author speak to members.


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