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Exercise Wednesday: This meeting violates every single one of the Geneva Conventions

April 17, 2013

We’ve all been there. The meeting from help that makes you want to gouge your eyes out with something long and sharp. The meeting that’s so devoid of anything resembling intelligence that you’re fully 50% dumber coming out than when you went in.

(If you haven’t been there, count your blessings. And the rest of us hate you.)

If you work in an office, meetings are a fact of life. They can also be a fact of your character’s life, too. So today, your character is going to a meeting that’s so horrible that he or she prays for death–even if he or she’s an atheist. Maybe it’s combative. Or maybe’s it’s…umm…led by…umm…you know, someone who can’t…umm…speak very well is, you know…umm…leading the meeting. Maybe he or she just got pulled in under protest during an urgent trip to the rest room, and now they’re stuck.

What’s that, you say? Your character is a unicorn from the early Dark Ages and they didn’t have meetings then? Or your character is a seven-year-old girl whose dog just ate her entire Barbie collection? Well, pretend. The whole point of the writing exercise is to limber your writing muscles so better things can happen. Push yourself. Push your character.

Have fun with it. You didn’t have fun at the meeting, so something good should come of it.

Time limit: 25 minutes.


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