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Bad news…and really good news!

May 5, 2013

The bad news: Due to unforeseen commitments, Edna Buchannan cannot be the keynoter for the FWA annual conference this October or the Person of Renown for the 2013 Collection. One of those things… FWA wishes Edna the best and appreciates her support. We look forward to working with her in the future.

The good news! St. Martin’s Press bestselling mystery writer Michael Wiley has stepped up to the plate! And, oh, did we mention his last book won the 2012 Best Hardback PI Novel Shamus Award? He’s enthusiastic to work with us.

  • As keynoter for our Friday dinner
  • As workshop presenter—get this: his workshop is entitled, “A Life of Crime (Writing)”
  • As 2013 Collections Person of Renown
  • As a mentor to members who purchase one-on-one interviews with him at the conference—heck, yes, let’s pick his brain!

About Michael. Michael is the author of A Bad Night’s Sleep (St. Martin’s Press, June 2011), The Bad Kitty Lounge (St. Martin’s Press, 2010) and the Shamus-nominated, PWA/SMP award-winning Last Striptease (St. Martin’s Press 2007). He is writing a fourth novel in the series, which features Chicago Detective Joe Kozmarski, as well as a standalone mystery set in the wetlands of northern Florida.

He teaches literature at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. As part of this other life, he has published Romantic Geography (Macmillan-St. Martin’s Press) and Romantic Migrations (Palgrave Macmillan). (No one shot at him when he was writing either of them.) Find out more at

As a college professor and award-winning author, Michael is giving and eager to help writers of all genres. He’s also a speaker-in-demand, so on Friday, get ready for entertainment and inspiration.

About “The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth.” The FWA annual conference, “The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth” (our theme), will be held October 18-20, 2013, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. The schedule is packed, and opportunities abound for you to find your agent, meet your publisher, and get the scoop on the latest developments in our industry. For details and to register, please see our website, Questions? Contact

Sidebar: “A Life of Crime (Writing).” Workshop Description: We’re all aware that truth sometimes is stranger than fiction and that the best fiction offers many of the greatest truths. This workshop will help participants make their fictional worlds, characters, and plots plausible or even necessary truths. We will discuss strategies for writing realistic places, making up characters that our readers are sure they know and love, and keeping stories straight and believable – in short, getting our readers to believe our most extraordinary and creative lies.

What can a mystery writer bring to other genres?
If you had one question to ask a famous mystery writer, what would it be?


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