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Pinterest as a tool for marketing your work

May 7, 2013

I never got Pinterest. According to conventional wisdom, it might be because I am a guy. I don’t get Pinterest; you don’t get the Three Stooges. That’s fine.

But a lot of people really dig Pinterest, and if it’s out there and there’s social media attached to it, you can use it to market your book.

Given my lack of getting it, I’m probably not the best person to write a post on how to use Pinterest to market your book. One of the best parts about the Internet is that it’s a big place, and many of the people there are pretty smart.

Rachelle Gardner is one of them, and she recently had a guest blogger–another pretty smart person–write about how to use Pinterest to market your book.

The key to the growing options for social media is making them fit together in a new way to elevate your work. For instance, if you travel and write about it, you could post pictures to Pinterest and write a blog featuring the same pictures. You link the blog to Facebook, and there you go–three social media sites nailed with one set of content.

As publishing for most of us becomes more and more of a cottage industry, the key is finding ways to make your product stand out above others. In that way, we might have more in common with the local baker whose pies everyone in the area knows, than we do with Stephen King.

Perhaps it’s time to stop viewing ourselves solely as artists and start thinking of ourselves as small businesses.

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  1. May 7, 2013 11:57 am

    Chris, I like (and have noted) your tip about fitting together the various pieces of social media. What you write is true.
    Being a Pinterester for some time, I know women dominate this medium. However, a growing number of men are hitching onto it for their own interests and see the value of storing ideas for the future, whether best spots for fly fishing, various tutorials for (fill in the blank), business promotion, and so on. This is good, as maybe I can find something there I wouldn’t have found for a while.
    My post of May 3rd explores the ways I store writing ideas. (Writing Ideas Stored ~~ Flying Pages at Pinterest has become one of them, and is quite valuable. In fact, I’m going to pin your post to my Pinterest Board, Writing Well. Thank you.

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