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Exercise Wednesday: Going to the oracle

May 8, 2013

Get writing, you must.

May Day has a wagon-load of historical associations. Me? I’m going with the Pagan Fertility Rites (’cause, why not, if you can, right?). You have a character that wants to create something new in his life–but has been meeting with a lot of resistance.

First, decide what he wants to bring into his life; then, make a list of several ways the Universe has not cooperated; finally . . . let him consult an oracle or visit a Voodoo Priestess or sneak into a coven of witches or make a pilgrimage to a circle of standing stones to enact a rite (or give him any other way you can think of to ask for help that’s outside the norm of reason and religion).

Does it work?

Enjoy taking a walk on the wild side.
Have fun! And I’ll see you in October!
Jamie Morris,
Director of Woodstream Writers

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