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Our topic for today is dialog. Dialects in dialog. So good day.

May 10, 2013

This is a very special blog entry with our guest bloggers, Bob and Doug McKenzie. If you don’t remember them or don’t like satirical Canadian humor, just remember not to go too heavy on dialect when you write your dialog.

Okay, so good day. I’m yer, uhh, guest blogger, Bob McKenzie and this is my brother Doug.

How’s it goin’, eh?

Okay, so good day. Our topic today on, like, the blog is writing, eh?

Take off, it is not. It’s writing dialog, you knob.

Right. I forgot, eh? Our topic today is writing dialog. ‘Cause my brother and I are, like experts in the field.

You’re an expert in the field of getten’ loaded, eh?

Take off. Okay, so the thing to do when you write dialog is, like, don’t write like a dialect ’cause that can be, like distracting, eh? So that’s that fer t’day, so g’day.

There’s more to it, hosehead.

Like what, eh?

Well, like take a look at us.

Geez, I’d rather not, eh?

Most people don’t even know who we are, eh? Like our TV show, The Great White North, AKA Kanadian Korner, stopped runnin on SCTV like 30 years ago, eh? And our movie came out 30 years ago. So people don’t know, eh?

What about our hit single? It was top ten, eh?

Yeah, like the year after Justin Timberlake was born, you hoser. So you can’t do, like a dialect in your dialog because people won’t know.

Well, like, some people know us. Or at least they know me. I’ll just change my clothes and say “Okay, who brought the dog?” and people will remember me from Ghostbusters. Lewis Tully, eh? That was a beauty movie, and I got to make out with, like Sigourney Weaver, eh?

Yeah, when youse were both dogs, you knob.

It was still Sigourney Weaver.

It was good for me, eh?

Okay, even though, like sophisticated people find us funny, most people don’t know, eh? And like a little bit of dialect fer those people goes a long way.

Okay, so that’s our topic fer t’day.

Hey, this is a blog so people don’t even know if we’re naked.

Take off, they do too.

Me and my brother here are nude.

I was nude with Sigourney Weaver, eh?

Yeah, like under five feet of cement after they crossed the streams, eh.

It was still Sigourney Weaver.

Yeah, and youse was covered in three tons of marshmallow fluff.

Hey, don’t knock it, ’til you’ve tried it, eh.

So that’s our blog fer t’day.

Good day.

Good day, eh?

  1. May 10, 2013 7:21 am

    Best post ever! 🙂

  2. annehawkinson permalink
    May 14, 2013 6:34 pm

    These movies are classics! Never get tired of watching them!

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