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Exercise Wednesday: Filling a hole in my life

May 29, 2013

I told him to put the toilet seat down. I told him I would do something about it. But he didn’t listen. Now I have to reseed part of the back yard…

You’d think, given my status of a Mets fan, that I wouldn’t want any horror in my writing–getting enough in the box score every morning. You’d be wrong.

Today’s exercise is based on a stray image that came to my mind–how or why, I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want to know.

In it, there was a small-ish woman shoveling dirt into a large hole. At the bottom of the hole is a larger man. The hole is deep enough that the man is largely incapacitated by the weight of the dirt on top of him as he wakes. Behind her, he sees the backhoe she used to dig the hole. She continues to shovel dirt into the hole.

Your assignment is to figure out how he got there, what she did to get the advantage over a man who’s much larger. Then you need to figure out why she’s doing this. Is she crazy? Evil? Protecting someone he intended to harm? What is her relationship to him?

Where are they and why are they there?

And how does it end? Does she bury him? Does he get out? Or does something else happen?

Alternate exercise: Take away the hole and the burying and write about a situation where the underdog gets the advantage over the favorite in a surprising twist? Why does this take place? What are the stakes? And what happens next?

Time limit: 40 minutes



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