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FWA Collection #5 – It’s A Crime! Contest Winners

June 5, 2013

By Su Gerheim, Collection Coordinator

What a fabulous contest we’ve had this year! I’m so excited over the winners I must tell everyone. I’m sure that some of you winners have already done that. This year’s contest, held between February 1st and May 15th, received 231 entries from 177 authors. A 17% increase in entries and 16% increase in authors from last year. Fifty-five authors submitted two stories and we had twelve poems entered this year. The poetry submissions amounted to a whopping 140% increase. How wonderful is that?

Here’s another interesting trivia fact: twenty-seven authors in the top sixty submitted two entries and seven of those authors had both their entries hit that top sixty list. Because the contest allows only one winning entry per author, the lower ranking entry had to be removed. Isn’t that something! I’m so impressed by our FWA members’ participation it makes my job feel very rewarding. Thanks to everyone, the Collection team remains happily busy.

Here are the winning authors and their entries (in alphabetical order by author).

Lisa Anders, Red Carpet
Dan Anderson, Triple Cross
Dave Archard, The Pumpkin Caper
Beverly Bailey, Mother’s Day Massacre (poem)
Monika Becker, To Make the World a Better Place
Jeff Boyle, Guns
Michael Brim, Deep Trouble
Teresa Bruce, The Gardener
Bria Burton, The Price of Integrity
Patricia Crumpler, Crime Scene Infestigation
Terri Curtis, Surf and Turf
Melody Dimick, Ain’t It a Shame (poem)
Walter Doherty, It’s A Crime
Robert Farsky writing as Robert Alan, Murder at Massalina Bayou
Kate Franklin, B & E
Jane Freeman, Family Lies
Catherine Giordano, The End of a Marriage
Chris Hamilton, Last Summer
Robert Hart, Inheritance
Veronica H. Hart, The Anniversary Dinner
Serena Schreiber, FinFatale
Christine Holmes, Justice in a Nutshell
John Hope, The Smashing of the Watches
Sharon Johnson, Hidden Ghosts
Carol Jones, Change of Plans
Beda Kantarjian, Buried in the Backyard
Linda Kelley, Happy Anniversary
Bruce H. Kubec, Smooshing Gazoogers
Peggy Lambert, Hit and Run
Stephen Leitschuh, The Accident That Wasn’t
Philip Levin, Heart Broken
Katherine Levitz, Transplant
Joan Levy, Day Off
Kate Maier, Finale
Frank Masi, This is Where I Live
Mark McWaters, National Security
Elizabeth Nebergall, More Precious than Rubies
Mark Newhouse, Hate Crimes
Joan North, What’s Wrong With Me
Frances Palmigiano, Cajun Treasure
Anu Varma Panchal, Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight
Lois Patton, One Rainy Day
Wendy Blake Pottinger, Double Tap
Rachel Printy, A New Life
Pat Rakowski, Through the Flames
Cheri Roman, Witch Justice: 1892
Gwen Rutter, Catching Jordan
Wendy Scott, The Collector
Faun Senatro, The Spittoon
Brian Shea, She
Dale Simpson, Cancel That
Carol Sipes writing as Carol Miche, Lifters
Phyllis Smallman, Pink
Lona Smith, Little Dog
Ann Suarez, Not In My Lifetime
Tom Swartz, Revenge Served Wet
Gayle Swift, Breaking News
Lori Thatcher, Tastes Like Flowers
Judith Weber, Supplemental Income
John J. White, Meth House

The next exciting event is when we announce our Person of Renown, Michael Wiley’s, top ten picks from this marvelous list of winners. That task is arguably the most difficult part of this contest. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes – I’m too much like the “Mikey” in the old TV cereal commercials whose siblings say, “Give it to Mikey. He [likes] everything.”

Look for more news on the Collection contest in upcoming releases! Congratulations winning authors!

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