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Exercise Wednesday: Dream a little dream…

June 12, 2013

Jamie Morris is with us again, this time with a surreal writing prompt. Jamie will get up in the middle of the frickin’ night all three days at this year’s conference to lead prose-writing sessions from prompts. If you’re literarily constipated, she’s just the…uhhh…well, you should come at the sessions, each day at 7 am.

Midsummer’s on the horizon. To honor The Bard, allow your character to have a very long, very vivid, very unusual dream. Then, upon waking, allow her to act on something the dream suggested to her–something very far from her usual way of doing things. The wilder, the better–not for your character, maybe, but DEFINITELY for your reader!

Sweet Dreams.
Have fun! And I’ll see you in October!
Jamie Morris,
Director of Woodstream Writers

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