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Exercise Wednesday: the lady in the tiara

June 19, 2013

I saw her at Dunkin’ Donuts in Springfield, Virginia. I’d just gotten coffee and a couple donuts and was leaving to do some of the running around I needed to do before picking up my daughter from school. That’s when a lady–probably a little younger than me–entered the store. She wasn’t harried, but she wasn’t poking around, either, as she got in line and waited.

And she wore a tiara.

“I gotta ask,” I said, nodding toward the plastic bauble on her head.

She flushed, but only a little. “It’s my birthday and the kids got it for me. They’re out in the van.”

“Maybe they’ll give you a free donut.”

“Maybe,” she said, though her eyes told me she knew that wouldn’t work.

“Or perhaps a drink later.”

Her eyes lit up. “We’re going to the beach, so that would be really nice.”

Today’s exercise is to observe a lady in a tiara at a place you don’t expect it. What’s her manner like? Is she happy? Annoyed? In hurry? Is she embarrassed?

Where are you? Why are you there? Why is she there?

What’s she wearing? Does the tiara more or less go with what she’s wearing?

Why is she wearing it? Maybe come up with something other than the kids making her wear it because it’s her birthday, because that’s taken.

Don’t take too long on this one. Just sit down and write.

Time limit: 20 minutes


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