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Step Right Up! Promote and Sell Your Books at the 2013 FWA Conference Bookstore!

June 23, 2013

—by Jill Yamnitz, Conference Bookstore Chairperson

Why the Conference Bookstore?  It’s where FWA members and conference faculty promote and sell their work.  It’s the first place where you can buy a 2013 FWA T-shirt.  Or FWA’s Collection #5: It’s a Crime.

The conference, dubbed “The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth,” will be held October 18-20, 2013, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. Now is a great time to submit your forms to sell books.  Please see the link on the conference webpage to download the form.

The FWA Conference Bookstore keeps getting better. This fall you’ll see new faces as well as returning volunteers, a new T-shirt design, a new checkout system, and special deals on the FWA history book and T-shirts. To you, all this could mean more sales and more exposure of your work to some of the movers in our industry.  (Fun shopping, too.)

This year we say a special “thank-you” to AJ and JoAnn Robinson, who’ve co-chaired the conference bookstore committee for years and are now stepping down.  As the new chairperson, I’m grateful for their hard work to make the bookstore look amazing, and the organizing they’ve done to accommodate more titles each year.

For the 2013 conference we also welcome some new bookstore volunteers.  Larry Kokko is the Regional Director for Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties and leads the St. Petersburg Writers Group.  Also new this year, Ann Suarez, FWA’s Treasurer, will manage author book signings and help in the store proper. Book signing reservations may be made at

As the bookstore has grown each year with more titles and more sales, our old equipment was slowing us down.  For the fall, we have a new computer to process sales, and we’re working with Su Gerheim to speed up the checkout program. The good news for you— less time at checkout means more time for browsing.

Make sure your work is represented!  Send in your book registration form now and reserve your time for a book signing. When you’re at the conference, visit the bookstore early and often to meet, promote, sign books, and check out our special deals on T-shirts and FWA Collections!

I look forward to seeing you in October.

Jill Yamnitz “The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth” will be held October 18-20, 2013, at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. See the FWA website to learn more and to register. For any questions about the bookstore or just to be friendly, please email the bookstore at

Jill Yamnitz is past FWA treasurer, conference bookstore volunteer, and current bookstore chair.  She has been writing since winning a short story contest in the seventh grade.  That, and Starsky and Hutch fan fiction eventually led to an English degree from Rollins Hamilton Holt School with a writing minor.  Unfortunately, she works in construction management, and while this involves writing and flawed characters, the results are generally unreadable.  At this time, she is still working on “The Novel.”  And she also loves cats.

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