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Exercise Wednesday: Time poetry prompt

August 28, 2013

Write a poem about time.  It turns out that a great many poems address time in some way, but they don’t seem to get listed among the most written subjects of poems:.  I haven’t done a survey, but I think time beats out both  love and death.  And well, death is about our finite allotment of time, too.  In class I have asked my students to bring in a poem by someone else which they used as a stepping–off place for the time poem they wrote.  As always, it is a good idea to read some poems about time yourself.  I would recommend these:
“Sabbatical” by Phil Deaver
“First Lesson” by Philip Booth
“People of the Future” by Ted Berrigan
“Living” by Denise Levertov
“A Phone Call to the Future” by Mary Jo Salter
“The Music One Looks Back On” by Stephen Dobyns
“I Stop Writing the Poem” by Tess Gallagher (This is one of my favorite poems)


Peggy Miller, an editor with The Comstock Review, has an MFA from American University. She has conducted poetry workshops for over 15 years. Her collections include What the Blood Knows was published in 2007 and Stone Being in 2009, both from Custom Words. Peggy has published a chapbook, Martha Contemplates the Universe, Frith Press, and a Greatest Hits chapbook from Pudding House. Visit her on Facebook.


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