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Exercise Wednesday: Lost and found

September 18, 2013

Today’s exercise calls for a little introspection about one of your characters. While working at something around the house or their place of business, they run across something they haven’t seen in a long time. You can pick what it is–maybe a ring or a necklace, a ticket stub, and old greeting card (or you can look in y0ur junk drawer–you know you have one–and pick something of your own).

The object he or she finds brings an immediate wave of nostalgia, but lurking just underneath the warm memories is something more unsettling. Regret. Anger. Guilt. Jealousy. Sadness. Any or all of those.

Your job is to figure out what the object is, then figure out for whose it was and determine why the character feels unsettling things about it, then write a scene.

Don’t work too hard setting this one up. Instead, just start writing and see what happens. Remember, you aren’t writing a finished product, just something to get the juices flowing.

Time limit: 25 minutes


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